About Us

CROSSOVER TOURING was founded by Barron Ruth & Patrick May to provide customized touring for multi-genre artists. With over 30 years of combined experience, a lifelong passion for music, talented staff, and a constant utilization of new technology and creative strategies, we offer exceptional service to our clients on both sides of the deal.

CROSSOVER TOURING seeks out artists demonstrating a capacity to ‘crossover’ narrow genre boundaries in their touring and performance appeal.  As music evolves, genre lines are becoming more and more blurred. The opportunity for creative music to gain traction with multiple demographics is growing. A typical Crossover artist can play in several different configurations at events ranging from the most genre specific festivals to Bonnaroo, from the 9:30 Club to Carnegie Hall.

Our roster is as diverse as American roots music has the potential to be, but even though it covers many styles, there remains a common thread: exceptional musicianship, phenomenal live shows, and the ability to cross boundaries and appeal to music fans of all types.