Crossover Touring Private Event Offer Form

Please make sure to check over the request form you have filled out before sending it to Crossover Touring, LLC. Verify that all of the fields are completed with the most information you can provide. Only submit one performer for each application form. Those who have not worked with Crossover Touring in the recent past may be required to pay all money up front for first time bookings. The transfer ofthis form to Crossover Touring, LLC does not guarantee the booking of the Artist(s) submitted.

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Show Date
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Address of Venue
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Please list any and all additional provisions, conditions, or information about the show.
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Crossover Touring requires a 50% deposit upon confirmation of a private offer, to be delivered via wire, ACH, or cashier's check within 14 days from written or verbal confirmation of offer. Submitting this offer form indicates intent to enter an offer, that you are authorized to extend an offer on the purchasers behalf, and if confirmed at the terms offered, indicates intent to enter into a binding agreement. Submitting an offer does not guarantee acceptance. Offers will remain open and valid for at least 30 business days unless otherwise notified in writing at time of offer submission by purchaser.